Fops herbicides

Un herbicide est une substance active ou une préparation phytosanitaire ayant la propriété de. Ce sont des herbicides antigraminées . Herbicides inhibiteurs de la synthèse des lipides (ACCase).

Aryloxyphénoxyproprionates (Group 1) fop. FOP ( Celio, Illoxan CE, Puma LS, Baghera), DEN (Attribut, Axial Pratic), DIME. Fops , dimes (groupe A), sulfonylurées (groupe B). Action herbicide Les fops et les dimes pénètrent rapidement dans les .

A comprehensive list of herbicides , their active ingredients, chemical family and mode of action. Examples of herbicides that inhibit ACCase Chemical family Examples. As detailed elsewhere, herbicides have distinct target sites where they act to. In all cases this mutation confers cross-resistance to all fops and most dims. The resistance to the fop herbicides in Enlist corn is an unintentional consequence of inserting the AAD enzyme gene.

Thus, AAD-allows the use of some fops as either selection agents or as herbicides on crops where crop destruction would be expected without the AAD- 1 . HERBICIDE COSTS IN AUTUMN -SOWN OILSEED RAPE. Pilot) and fluazifop-P-butyl) and two. Postemergence herbicides labeled for use in landscapes include selective and.

A “dim” herbicides like butroxydim, contained in Factor. An always use the corresponding adjuvant or product failure can occur. For some glyphosate products and other herbicides , the acid equivalent (a.e.). ACCase target site resistance blocks the site of activity specific to most so-called fop , dim and den herbicides. Resistance has now evolved to of the families of herbicides and over 400.

La résistance aux herbicides cartographiée (InVivo). Table 2: Number of samples tested to each of seven herbicide groups.